What My Story Is NOT

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🌸🎀💖 Let’s start by pointing out what you won’t get from me. Because sometimes the best way to shape unknown spaces (like this podcast 😅) is by defining what we don’t want to do or be. So we’ll start there.

Truth is … there’s plenty trauma porn and trauma porn watch addicts in the world. I’m not interested in sitting my trauma though I DO know that I need to recognize and embrace it – calling some real shit just what it is. But there’s far more magic to the Black experience that grows from such trauma.

I got dealt the hand of a stereotypical Black girl D.O.A (this dead on arrival) in America. And yet … here we are. Sharing this space together. Steel sharpening steel ~

Believe you me I get it … I’m not your average a Black girl but truth is NO BLACK GIRL (or Black person, really) IS AVERAGE!

While we are no monolith what you probably mean to say is that I’m not your assumption of Black girl –

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