Hiding in Plain Sight

🌸🎀💖 Jfashion has always been a way for me to create boundaries to engage as an introvert – I let my style speak for me & you can take it how you want 🤷🏾‍♀️

Truth is when I started on my sensational kawaii journey – both for discovering my personal style and building a community (hi DC Kawaii Style) , I NEVER ever ever in a million years thought I’d be finding, getting acquainted and mastering my SELF.

What’s amazing is the journey I’ve been able to take in healing, unlearning and relearning things that my smog self always had question about.

On this journey I’ve tapped into reparenting my own inner child. Bruh! Lil’ Imani be living her best life these days haha But seriously, everything I questioned sensually when I found contradiction as a child, everything I wanted cool adults to do and be … I have become through this Afro kawaii journey.

Kawaii is the light, J-fashion was my rocket ship and here I am revisiting the first color I ever loved, pink, and what it means to me in ALL aspects – from my most innocent childlike self to my total black out rage and everything in between ~

You can’t dream up journeys like this …

You just gotta lead with your heart and let logic follow. You’d be surprised where you end up when you simply surrender to life and what you would define as your own happiness.

Mine is all the hues of pink. The good the bad, watching thoughts float past my head, managing mania, embracing the darkest parts of me, KNOWING somewhere in that darkness is a light that will be unmatched once I get to retrieve it and giving all my whimsicalness names along the way.

Memoir Excerpt

Here’s a cute lil’ snippet from my memoir of me x pink ^^

I Didn’t Choose Pink. Pink Chose Me.

Pink is a complicated color like me.

So, I get pink and its unspoken nuances. You could say that pink is considered one of the most controversial colors and one of the most divisive, too.

But wherever you fall with this color, every shade of pink arouses very strong emotions, good or bad.

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