Small Wins Build Big Dreams

Happy #TATTUESday Shoppe Gals n’ guys ~

This isn’t an episode … but maybe it will be soon enough. I’m just coming through to share a small win for my big dream, today.

We got featured in District Fray this weekend in a big way and I’m ever so thankful ~

That’s right! Throw ALL da confetti, fam! We’re celebrating the small things.

Seeing myself these days has me thinking about when I was scared to take the leap, unsure where money was going to come from and if I’d fail.

But I led with me heart and let logic follow. I held steadfast to my ancestor’s voice saying …


“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world.”

Sometimes we need something to hold on to along life’s journey that will guide you into your purpose, your greatness, your POWER. 

THAT is your dream!

Your creative dream is your imagination at work trying it’s hardest to unleash your innate power. But you’re too busy living in memory – in the rejections, the what if’s and the what once was. We’re living in the negativity we were nurtured into in this life.

But what if you didn’t wait for the instruction and just trusted the direction? You know … trusted your gut and all the feel goods. And before you know it just stepped into living the “what could be” – living from your imagination and bring your dreams into reality ~

for you and everyone around to witness.

That’s true power. Freedom. And the ultimate radical love, in my book. (<- no pun haha)

I know it can get overwhelming and sometimes your journey won’t even make sense to you.

That’s ok! Just KEEP DREAM CHASING! And along the way stop. Celebrate, record and sit in the small wins. They are the tiny things that will make your pile great – of all the things that make your dream reality. And before you know it *poof*

I was taught as a tattoo apprentice that you don’t do the tattoo all at once. The tattoo is in fact made of small, little lines that make up the overall tattoo. You have a goal – what you are tattooing, overall. But when you get on skin, you concentrate on each individual line as if THAT is the tattoo. And you keep building a multitude of those lines and strokes. Each being it’s own tattoo … Until you achieve the bigger image you set out to create.

That is dream chasing.

And today we’re celebrating a small win along my big dream of my growing biz baby – Little INKPLAY Shop. Read the article and see what dreams are currently brewing up in my head. And join the Shoppe Gal Gang to follow my journey and grab gems along the way to support your own. Cuz I’ll definitely be dropping ’em!

Then we can celebrate all of our small wins together!

Check out my small win with District Fray, TODAY!

Need help stepping into your creative dreams?

Hit my line and let’s go for tea.

Talk soon Shoppe Gals n’ guys!

Gambatte, ne!


Imani K Brown, Tattoo Artist /Author

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