YUME Diary | 3 Reason Why Artists Should WANT To Sell Their Art

Hey Shoppe Gals n’ Guys ~

Happy #tattuesday and I hope you’re well TODAY!

So for this late post. I swear I feel like I’m late to everything right now while refining business – filling in the cracks as they say! But I wanted to share a looming thought about why we artists should WANT to sell our art work.


Because a lot of us are either:

“You know we don’t have to monetize e’rything” or …

“I would sell if my art were better” or …

“I wonder if people will like it”

I get it that we don’t have to monetize EVERYTHING. But if you look at the world and personal needs realistically … 

uhhh yah kinda do.


Because nothing is free.

And that includes the supplies, energy and time you put into your craft. 

Now if you’re hesitant because you don’t just want to slut out your art because maybe it’s a healing, cathartic or reentering process for you. I get that! I mean … I tattoo. And if you ask me should I be tattooing for money I’d be THE FIRST to say hell naw!

But realistically, if you love it enough you’ll most likely start treating it like a second job because obsession (for a myriad of reasons – maybe you like learning new things and are puzzle prone. *that’s me*) 

Whatever feeds you when you are in your creative space, it’s gonna drive you to invest in it, learn from it & eventually you’ll want to know how to keep it in your life. 

Not only that but you can create art, sell it and create again so you get better at your craft with every piece you put out into the world.

Don’t wait til you’ve perfected your style to put it out. Cuz truth is … THAT time will never, ever come.

And for those who need that validation, you get that from selling too!

When your shit’s dope people want to share it, give feedback, tell a friend or a few!

And viola.

You’re in business baby ~

That’s how I get to come to Japan and chill tf out. Then write dat sh!t off. Fashion and weebdom are the biggest parts of my self-care and I LOVE IT! So why would I not build my business around that alongside tattoo, yah dig?

Finding that middle ground …

That’s true power. Freedom. And the ultimate radical love, in my book.

Your turn.

Need help stepping into your creative dreams, finding your P.C.P (profitable creative purpose), or putting your ideas into an art business? I’d love too support your journey.

Hit my line and let’s go for tea.

Gambatte, ne!

Imani K Brown, Tattoo Artist /Author /Coach

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