Lolita vs Perfectionism

🌸🎀💖Hey kawaii creatives. The perfectionist imposter type pairs well with Lolita in my book. (no pun! 😅😭🤣) Here’s my personal journey of overcoming perfectionism, by stepping out the house in ‘less than perfect’ Lolita.

— Send in a voice message:

Hey gals n’ guys! Are you a fellow perfectionist?

I would say I’m a recovering one myself … but I’m not. I’m an OCD overachiever and as a tattoo artist, perfectionism has it’s place. BUT that’s no need for getting STUCK >.<

Everytime you wait for things to be/feel perfect, you unconsciously build walls around you.

Walls that prevent you from taking real action, getting experience working with real people, making money, helping people who need you and in many cases …

Showing up as the representation the world needs

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These walls grind us to a screeching halt and keep it in the “I’m not ready yet” part of our brains. So things constantly gets placed on the back burner ~

Here’s the truth. Get ready to Tweet dis ish, fam!

Perfectionism is internalized oppression holding me back from being the true representation I WANT TO SEE in this world.

I wish I could tell you there was another way to overcome this… but the only way to break these walls… is to take to IMPERFECT action. 

I know it’s gonna be scary and a little bit nerve wracking– but trust me on this one, fam.

The most successful creatives will tell you that they got to where they are today because they were willing to take imperfect, messy action. 

You’ve gotta be willing to try things that may “fail” or not do as well as you hoped… 

Because that’s how you get to fine tune them, make it better so they become a success.

Here’s another tweet for yah ~

Perfectionism ain’t nothing but the devil – it’s procrastination in disguise keeping me from stepping into my greatness.

Putting yourself out there is scary and vulnerable – but you get better the more you do it. You build confidence, start showing up for yourself, and soon enough you’re the Inso that others follow.

(seriously you do not want to see my first tattoo, first Lolita coord, or my first email newsletter) 

But you have a choice – either spend loads of precious time agonizing over each and every detail. Or get your butt in gear to do all the amazing things your imagination desires.

Say F*&# yo’ feelings, and a big so what if you fumble through your first few videos, if your pictures feel cringe worthy, or you only get that one golden like on IG.

What matters now, is that you are out there doing the damn thang!

And that’s a step so many people don’t EVER take. So keep going. Make it perfect by your standards along the way.

Need a road map? Ya gal pal’s got yah covered ~

Grab my memoir – Shoppe Gal where I share all the imperfect action I took to go from surviving to thriving and ultimately becoming the kawaii creative entrepreneur sharing these quirky It’s Possible thoughts with you today ~

I’m rooting for you!

Gambatte, ne!

Imani K Brown, Tattoo Artist /Author /Coach

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