Self-Publishing for Self-Care

Lis👏🏾en 👏🏾 fam! I am amped to say I’m Awake, I’m ALIVE & I FEEL GREAT in a while ~

This past founder’s day for me (I’m Z Phi B) I decided to celebrate cuz it’s been a while.

I can’t believe almost 4 yrs ago my ol’ lady passed at 99 and my dad left me ~

I almost lost my business. AND my home from no will to work. And by this time I’m just happy to be here today and I’m HAPPY to say (re)grounding has been found!

If you’re wondering where I found it – it’d be in my self-publishing journey. And legit how Shoppe Gal, The Memoir was born – out of anguish and needing to catch a creative spark to not forgo EVERYTHING I’ve worked for til this day. I mean … My gran would have been unforgiving, but would get it. My dad though, would NOT take my grieving as nobody’s excuse to not keep living.

I know cuz this f*cker started dropping stuff off my studio walls, sending messages through some noted individuals and visiting me in my dreams. ARRGGGHHHH

But he learn’t me some thangs. I call em my 3 the Hard Way cuz I was legit running ~

Lemme share em with you in case you find yourself facing tough times and need to remind yourself to pick-up and KEEP GOING!

  • The Show Must Go On 

Yup! Even when sh*t hits the fan, you still have to show up cuz life happens. Accept it, embrace it, and go with it. You’ll eventually find footing on solid ground.

  • Almost Doesn’t Count 

Either you do or you don’t, will or won’t. But nearly doing something is not the same as actually doing it.

  • Make Space for Grace

By freeing yourself of your own unforgiveness you give yourself permission and a greater chance to better your life

Look fam ~

Let this personal book brand journey of mine be a testament to YOU

If you think you can’t do this. If you think you can’t chase your passions to purpose and thrive. Here’s a reminder that YOU CAN. ✨

And I know you’re ready to create your bankable dream life. 

So let’s make make that happen!


My FULL STORY is YOUr manifesto to unlocking the hustle in chasing your passions to creative purpose so that you can create your own dreamy bankable lifestyle.



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