Podcast Diary | The Friendship Journey


Hey kawaii creatives! Today’s diary is about friendship qualifications & how long before you call someone your friend ~ Let’s chat!

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🌸🎀💖 Style by 6% Doki Doki

Gigi makes me do TikTok homework 😅

She’s always cheering me on and challenging me to celebrate the little things. Though she looks at me as an older role model … she’s the accountability backbone and sounding board I never knew I needed 🙂

I TRULY appreciate that she embraces my workaholic inteovert ways and gives me space to do this even on our bff ‘let’s be basic b!tches’ dates.

Style point: rokku gyaru with Gothic Lamb x Kill Star
Style Point: Romanba Gyaru with 6%Doki Doki x Pretty Sour Laura

I’m FINALLY starting my new fashion journey in gyaru – aka Gal (sound familiar 😅) and I’m REALLY interested in taking up space in some of the “forgotten styles” like romanba, haddy and ora ora but we’ll get there!

For now meet my #1 cheerleader along the way ^^

Please give Gigi a TikTok or IG follow and enjoy her styles and shenanigans.

You won’t be sorry! 😹✨

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