What Art Entrepreneurship Looks Like: Birthday Behavior & Chicago, Pt. 1

Hey kawaii creatives! I went to Chicago, for my 41st birthday and wanted to share some of my adventures with you trip with you.

First off – this year my birthday was amazing! I don’t really do a lot for them and it’s not until recently with my fiancé reminding me that birthdays are truly something to celebrate, especially with my walk of life.

So this year I decided that since the business is doing financially better plus we survived COVID AND got engaged … dammit, it’s time to live a little and celebrate. So I splurged for a super short get-a-way with my luckiest charm ever. Full disclosure, this was originally supposed to be a weekend business trip for ONE – I was to attend a tattoo masterclass. But as the saying goes – if you’re not having fun while entrepreneur’ing you’re not doing it right. And being the leader of our budding family business means work crowds him out sometimes. Knowing that I try to find spaces that create a me & him bubble. I don’t want to get so engulfed in tunnel vision that I forget to tell my main support system that I wholly appreciate himb.

Explanations aside,  we’ve never actually spent my birthday apart and I’m okay saying he has become my total birthday crutch, maybe until I can do better to appreciate it and celebrate on my own. Til then he helps me jumpstart that gratitude.

The Biz Swerve: What Art Entrepreneurship Can Look Like

Technically, this ENTIRE trip is a business expense paid for by tattoo & art. He went as an assistant to me. But he’s also an artist and co-owner. So even taking the day for artistic inspiration was us being art entrepreneurs.

We have this fixed image that entrepreneurs are within this capitalistic food chain having sold our sold to make a buck. Instead of considering the you can make a buck being your authentic self, as an artist. For us, it’s going to new places to look at art through a different lens, and not just visit art museums or have stuffy convos. We exist and build within our hobbies for both profit and personal wellness.

Lofty Wishes

We already talked about the friendship journey – and this includes your choice of partner. Because your ongoing personal development and success also depends on who you choose to surround yourself with.

My lofty wish is that if you’re looking for a partner in life and already on your art entrepreneurship journey, that somebody supports you your journey – helping you enrich and deepen your relationship with it; helping you appreciate it – all of it; the highs, lows and in betweens.

That’s it! That’s my lofty wish. Why?

Because you’re choosing yourself! Choosing your dreams, choosing to create art and choosing to profit to build for your own personal wellness means that you’re hands down choosing YOU. It’s your happiness and taking an art entrepreneurship journey means you’re defining it on your own terms.

So in that my concise lofty list wish is that when you choose your own happiness and surround yourself with amazing people who will help you deepen your relationship with you!

In all things … GAMBATTE, ne!

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I’m rooting for you!

Imani K Brown, Tattoo Artist /Author /Brand Coach

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