The ‘Shoppe Gal’ Magical Morning Routine, TRY IT!

Let’s talk a little about WHY You NEED A Routine as an Artist, Creative, Introvert & Anxious Bean

Hey Shoppe Gals n’ Guys out there!

Q: Do you have a morning success routine? I’m getting back into the grove of mine ~⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Lemme tell you bout my new new along with my added ‘I Ain’t No B!h’ empowerment routine ~

But first, let’s look at WTF a routine is, WHY we need any type of routine and then talk about this morning routine business. Ok~


A routine is a usual order and way of doing something or a series of things that are repeated as part of a performance.

Ex: Taking a shower is part of my morning routine


Listennnn we hate em! But even if you don’t typically thrive on a strict schedule (and let’s be honest, most creatives do NOT), having a routine sets a baseline and can be helpful in times of unpredictability, uncertainty, overwhelm and stress. By implementing a structure to your day can give you a sense of control.

And as science would have it, creating and performing routines can improve focus, organization, and productivity. ALL OF THESE THINGS to operate at our highest level as art entrepreneurs ~

If stepping onto your art entrepreneurship journey, it’s important to know the 3 P’s of business – product, people and process. And truth be told most artists & creatives lack PROCESS. That’s where we fall sup flat *oof* But the practice of a routine …

even a common one like a morning routine

helps us embrace these foreign concepts of process, procedure and systems.

The Magical Morning Routine

yume create, kawaii journaling, morning routine, self care

Overall. The Shoppe Gal Magical Morning routine has 3 parts

the 203 action items / I ain’t no bih affirmations / small feel good habits

Let’s DIG IN!

The 203 Action Items

yume create, kawaii journaling, morning routine, self care

The first part of this routine is the meat and potatoes of action items. I call it the 20 20 20. And it’s simple ~

  • 20 Min. GRATITUDE – to get the heart active; re-centering ourselves and come back to our goals, intentions and good vibes, releasing whatever happened in the last 24 hours (or even before)
  • 20 Min. LEARNING – to get the brain active; waking up the left and right side calmly and in balanced way as not to cause more anxiety or overwhelm and practicing grace with ourselves for how we are wired to receive and process information
  • 20 Min. exercise – to get the body active; releasing any pinned up energy, get the blood flowing and get you ready to face the day feeling in control of yourself, your mind and your skills

I Ain’t No Bih‘ EMPOWERMENT Affirmations

yume create, kawaii journaling, morning routine, self empowerment

Now that we have the 3 action items out the way, let’s stroke that ego so it also falls in line with what we need to do for ourselves in a day.

Look, ego no matter how negative we’re taught to think it is is a part of each of us and it ain’t going anywhere. It’s your younger self shining through for attention and dammit YOU DESERVE IT! So stop and give yourself the attention that the world may overlook giving you as you go about your day by doing two very important things ~

  1. I’m Awake, I’m Alive, I FEEL GREATBefore you leave your house, look at yourself in the mirror and yell it – I’m Awake I’m Alive, I FEEL GREAT! Get pumped like you just saw a Doge coin going To the moon meme! That’s right! DOn’t hold back … cuz real talk everyone isn’t blessed enough to make it to create another day and yet here we are. So stop and say cheers to that moment of you practicing a routine for experiencing LIFE – the good, the bad, and the annoying LOLZ
  2. Face YourselfBefore you start your work day, go look at yourself in the mirror AGAIN and have a heart to heart with yourself doing these 3 things: first, state what you’re grateful for in THAT moment; next state what you’re excited to create or experience in the day; lastly define success for you for that day ONLY and say it aloud! That’s right. People say don’t talk to yourself and I’m the artist weirdo telling you that shit is NORMAL fam! Talk to yourself out loud. Define these things, get hype and watch energy elevate.

7 Small Morning Habits That Keep YOU In Control

Last but not least is creating habits that KEEP you feeling in control, day in and day out ~

Within your routine are small habitual things that will often make your day seem a lot smoother. They make you feel good, release endorphins and boost confidence. So here are some that we know to be common. In fact they’re probably so common we overlook their benefits to our lives:

  1. Put off checking your phone – these days everyone’s phone is next to them setting off all types of unhealthy triggers. let’s not do this first things – instead save it for slither of time before you start your actual work day
  2. Make your bed – it’s a decluttering mind trick that helps you feel organized and put together, like a version of your future self … yes! you are a well made bed … *well that’s weird but you get it*
  3. Sit still – don’t be in such a hurry to hop out of bed and rush of to your day without giving your body a chance to catch up to your mind
  4. Drink some water – stay hydrated you thirsty animal >.< seriously the first thing you’re supposed to ingest after fasting is water to help jumpstart your system without shooting TF out of it(& yes! when you’re sleeping your body IS fasting)
  5. Wash your face & brush your teeth – I dunno who need to hear this but even if you work from home you should DO THIS to create some sort of normalcy around your grooming procedures and routines that tell your brain it’s time to show up (even if it’s on Zoom or in your home studio)
  6. Nail a “getting ready” order – we’re all wired different so find your own most efficient way to move around within your morning routine alongside your time constraints and responsibilities
  7. Write or review your daily to-do list – take time to set some realistic expectations of the day’s action items. Key word being REALISTIC; last thing you want to expect of yourself is to complete 20 items that all take 5 hours each then let imposter syndrome take up residence because you didn’t plan realistically … hello! YOU DID THIS FAM! But you don’t have to keep doing it UGH >.< Make a list and make it realistic to your day, not your entire life.
  8. Do a ‘Me Today’ Self-Check-In – we’ll talk about these again soon, but take a moment to check in on yourself like a stranger (or friend) asking ‘hey how yah doing‘ is what you want to ask yourself much like the empowerment affirmation part of the routine. Make time to check in on YOU instead of experiencing the big sad when other fail to check in on us.

Artist Thoughts & Closing

Imani K Brown, Black female tattoo artist, Afro Kawai, Hunni B
Already a great day! I even did my makeup 😅

I’m an insomniac so getting to sleep is already a chore and as an artist, my brain functions better in the PM 😅 BUT in business early bird gets the worm and I have a lot to juggle as a solopreneur. And now that systems are in place I can focus on training myself to take the steps to be able to act a little earlier ~

Here’s what MY entire magical morning routine looks like when you put it together:

7A – feed and shoot up the cat (he’s diabetic) + practice these small habits:

  • Put off checking your phone
  • Make your bed
  • Sit still
  • Drink some water

7:30-8:30A – 203 Action Items = 20 min kawaii journaling + 20 min drawing + 20 min boxing quality time with my fiancé

8:30-9A – practice these small habits:

  • Write or review your daily to-do list
  • Do a ‘Me Today’ Self-Check-In

9-9:30A – Get ready for the day

9:30A – I Ain’t No Bih‘ EMPOWERMENT Affirmation #1

9:45A – out the door!

10:30A –I Ain’t No Bih‘ EMPOWERMENT Affirmation #2

11A – Ready to start my day! If it’s a tattoo day, I’m super ready to greet and create with my client for the day at 1P ❤

No lie tho – it’s a draining af adjustment that leaves my mental levels a lil more vulnerable than the kid would hope. But it’s new and I’m still getting a handle on it. And though I suspect it will continue to be a life project void of perfection, I’ll be able to function on the left side of my brain just a bit more to get business matters completed faster and get BACK TO THE ART.

Cuz really that’s all we wanna do, right? Or am I the only one?!

Try the Shoppe Gal MAGICAL MORNING ROUTINE and hit me on IG, comment here or stop by to leave a voice message and let me know how it goes!


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Gambatte, ne!

Imani K Brown, Tattoo Artist /Author /Brand Coach

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