Put These 6 Steps Together to Build A Powerfully Profitable Dream Art Brand 

Hey Shoppe Gal fam!

I come to you today with tips of how to create your offer evolution ladder.

You know? Where you see brands that have offers of products and services that seem to fit so well together to meet your needs that it’s almost like they read your mind!


Artists are often of the self-taught nature, learning things innately and sharing them with the world. It’s truly magical –

narcissistically magical.

Don’t mind me, I’m an artist and I mean that with all the love. Because we are the world’s problem solvers wanting to share how we process our human experiences with other like-minded beings. 

So don’t much trip on my words. But get dis werk ~

Being self-taught and being successful, is magical but it can also leave us in the danger zone, as a lot of artists also come with … quirks.

Me? I’m the loudest introvert in the room donning Jfashion and tattoos.

But I don’t like to talk to strangers. However I have a wealth of knowledge just from experiencing the world through a constructively creative lense.

And there are more artists with layers of quirks just like me!

These quirks leave us vulnerable to never truly understanding the business side of art entrpreneurship. As our brilliance alone has kinda haphazardly landed us in this space.

You mean to tell me I can make money from my imagination … WHOAH!

This vulnerability, often tethered to financial woes and survival, often leaves the most brilliant artists discouraged.

Add on social media, comparison, imposter syndrome … on top of our social quirks and we’ll quickly trade learning things that will make our lives easier on the backend for peace of mind, TODAY!

Don’t trip. That’s still me and I’ve successfully grown a 6-figure brand. *kanye shrug*

Because I want you to believe that you can THRIVE as an artist, I’m laying down 6 real world examples of creative work you can do as an artist.

NO! These are not get rich quick schemes. In fact — I want you to be here for a long tine, not just a good time. So these are individual paths you can take to becoming a thriving artist.

These 6 things steps operate like a hand — they are fingers and individually, they can help you survive as an artist.

But for true power, combine them together, like a fist, for a super power punch to claiming your dreams!

You ready? Let’s go ~

6 Steps to Build Your Dream Personal Art Brand

Create & Sell Original Work

There is NOTHING better than paid learning, especially when you want to buy the best art supplies, latest gadgets and other things you don’t need from the art supply store … but you’re gonna talk yourself into ’em.

Creating an offer to freelance and sell your original work is a great way to kill 3 birds with one stone (sorry birdies) 

  • put some money back into your art expense budget
  • build a customer base
  • practice art + business in real time

Keep an art blog

Artists discount the fact that everybody loves a good art process. It’s the wonder of the world! And a great way for you to lean in to all of your quirkiness, share a peak into your art world, and share your journey along the way.

This is insanely important because we artists are usually into feeling and forget all about the data. So next time imposter syndrome hits … pladdow! You got receipts for days ~

Multiply YOU with Prints

The problem with original art is that there is only one of you. This idea of slow art and slow process goes against the laws of business. Business values people, product and process bred by ingenuity.

That ingenuity that we often discount as artist purists *puahahaha* actually shortens the distance between having an idea and getting it to the market place. 

Shortening that gap with the ingenuity of prints not only helps you dominate your art lane, but also keeps some coin in the bank while you masterfully craft your next piece.

Sustain YOU by Applying for grants & competitions

We artists are always wondering HOW to make more money to fund an audacious project, grow our teams and spaces, or simply staying afloat.

Art entrepreneurship is, without a doubt, a path that can truly be financially unpredictable. That;s where grants come in, helping to supplement your income as an artist — helping to pay for materials, studio space, or even rent. 

A serious bonus with grants is that you are sometimes forced to structure your art into a formal business structure — complete with vision, mission, goals, financial projections, etc. 

I know it sounds like a true pain. BUT already being structured to say Yes to the opportunity also guarantees you are always on brand, putting your best foot forward!

Scale with merchandise of your art

Now that you’ve built a community around your art and you’re sustaining yourself. It’s time to expand those offerings to really give your art a longer lufe span of appreciation. And in this microwave society … this only works in your favor.

Stretching your art out over merchandise opens the door to a lot of legacy building opportunities to set you uo for the one thing we never think about as artists — an exit plan.

You’ll need to consider what else your art brand is capable of for profit withOUT adding more physical pressure to you. No time like the present to start, fam.

Teach art online

Last but not least … college never teaches an artist that this hustle is sole separate. And there are going to be plenty young artists looking up to you. 

Whether it’s online, face to face, through a system, courier pidgeon or whatever — art is a village-minded, each one teach one, let’s all share in this human experience kinda profession.

So be sure to make space around this leg of your journey, to reach back with ways to share what you know about art and making money.

We’re all responsible for each other.

Was That Helpful?

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