Livin’ My Best UNCLONED Life & Other BAWSE AF Life Updates

Hey Shoppe Gal fam!

I have a TON of brand + business updates that I can’t wait to share with you cuz even thoughI was sick … I CAN say that for 2022 I was comin’ in HAWT!

Warning: This post is a lil’ all over the place as I start to integrate some important work opportunities, smooth out my own business + brand, and really dig into Shoppe Gal ~

Today, I want you to:

  • meet UNCLONED® by Audria Richmond and join my brand ambassador journies
  • catch-up on where I’ll be speaking next cuz yah girl is on a public speaking mission
  • learn more about Shoppe Gal the book, the brand and the experience
  • check out the Little INKPLAY Shop updates

Meet UNCLONED by Audria Richmond

It’s crazy that I became a self-published author at the start of a pandemic! And I won’t lie it was hella discouraging. And somehow I was sent a sign that it’s gon’ be aiight!

That sign was in a beautiful brown, bubbly package of out-of the box marketing mayhem ~

Audria Richmond.

Since coming in contact with her brand, UNCLONED, I have not been the same – because she resonates with how I show-up and aspire to show-up on so many levels.

Recentl;y, an opportunity presented itself and I went for it!

Since coming into contact with UNCLONED, not only have I chosen to invest in leveling up my marketing game for my business, but I have never been more inspired to DREAM BIGGER!

Since then, I’ve invested in her UNCLONED Book Bundle, Publishing Like a Pro, and some dope brand swag!

Now, I get to pass that inspiration on to you –


This book bundle is the BEST starter pack to ignite your marketing mayhem flame as an entrepreneur! Learn what an UNCLONED life looks like, prepare for opportunities, and level up your marketing mindset with these bb’s!

The info is palatable and relatable, both professionally and personally.

It’s the perfect info bundle to deep dive into the marketing mindset to:

  • LIVE IT – Learn to lean into an UNCLONED Life
  • LOVE IT – Show your biz some TLC to get opportunity ready
  • BE RELENTLESS – Market like your life depends on it but make it … UNCLONED

Just watch me! I’ll be sharing how I live my UNCLONED life …

Starting NOW

Join Me Live

Recently, Audria shared something that resonated so DEEP –

She was sharing that video is an integral part of how she shows up online so that people can engage with her personality.

She shared that on a 2-hour coaching call. And THAT gem stood out like it was handpicked & shined up just for me. But why? …

I’m an introvert and always looking for creative ways to engage with the gang and not appear dry AF or disinterested – it’s usually none of that. But I observe and process more than I actively respond. Sadly, that quirk, when in business can be a turn-off.

So I actively look for ways to fill in the gap.

Her explaining that was both an AHA moment and confirmation of my 2022 speaking journey and leaning into an introvert user experience, but still showing up in such a style for y’all to engage with me – beyond this blog & tattoo. *much wow*

And since I have truly embraced that THIS loudest introvert in the room mindset to really open up and engage accordingly, these highlights have happened …


Please kindly cheer me on while I talk my sh!t (huhuhu)


Imani K Brown, ipukekawaii, Black Gyaru, #afrokawaii, #kawaiiblackgirl

Like myself, Audria really leans into grooming her brand UX for the optimal customer engagement + shopping experience. And her book, Are You Ready for the Yes is all about brand grooming to be ready for opportunities –

it IS a roadmap to become pitch perfect.

And during her Black Friday blitz, I snagged some important checklists to audit my biz bb and mkae sure we are ready for the YES! One of the 3 that I snagged was for websites.

And down the Shoppe Gal rabbit hole I went …

Have a tour

Her ENTIRE book bundle ignited a flame to really pull Shoppe Gal’s user experience together.

Fresh off being sick *cough cough* I mapped and made a top-of-funnel User Experience of my f🎀cking dreams!

Walks you clean thru from who tf I am. what the fuck I do. And how you can work with me.BEST thing is that it really shows my personality & introduced you to my world🥺✨

Check Out The World of SHOPPE GAL

This rabbit hole was a MUST so that I can insert some book relaunch t’ings when my new Publishing Like a Pro Marketing System AND Obvious Choice Bundle System arrive!

Whew! This update is a lengthy one but last but not least is a look at Little INKPLAY SHop’s upgrade.

Let’s GO!

I Don’t ‘Play’ Tattoo. That Sh!t LEGIT Saved My Life

Recently, I had some kick-ass consultations.

And being more authoratative + less apologetic. Yup! She had said dat too. And my #INKPLAY tribe is lovin’ the vibe. *ow*

Been levelin’ up my visual presence on IG Live And makin’ loud AF introvert content. *ahem* coming soon. So you can really see the spark WITHIN the artist.

I truly live, eat & breeve dis avant-garde ish ~I can see clearly now. And so tf can you!

Audria always reminds us to be relentless with yah marketing in 2022.

So here comes the loudest introvert in da room

I’m just getting warmed up. We bout to take the brilliance of

Audria Richmond and apply it to the Little INKPLAY Shop glow up!

Experience the transformation LIVE!

Join my brand ambassador journies by subscribing HERE

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