5 Steps to Becoming Your Own Inspiration + Owning My Intergalactic ICON + Becoming the Loudest Introvert in the Room (Lookbook Inside)

Hey Gang!!

I am SUPER excited to take you on another important journey with me –

If you tapped in last time you know that we’ll be getting UNCLONED with Audria Richmond.

And THAT leads into this most audacious journey – taking that version of me, my business and brand to catapult it into the intergalactic stratosphere among the most beautiful stars, black holes, and dark matter.

Let’s vibe.

Eyenie, the Technicolor Priestess has invited us on a journey of self-discovery and deepening our relationships with self.

Yup! SELF LOVE is the name of the game!

And on this journey, we will unlock more of our confident-, healed-, and whole-self.

For now, we’re gathering and getting ready to take-off. Join me in the sky lounge ~

Before we enter the sky lounge for my hosted journey. Let’s look at a journey I’m hosting just for YOU! Where I’ll unlock the magic of scarcity and the power of being broke!

It’s a tale of how the coveted 64-Crayons (with the pencil sharpener) unlocked one lil’ Black girl’s passion for creativity. And how she followed that passion into her purpose and found a way to turn that purpose into her profit – so she’ll never covet creativity again.


The Intergalatic Sky Lounge

In the sky lounge messily shopping the racks they’ve prepared for our duty-free, travel-in-style pleasures.

Can you believe I found the cutest pink jumper with matching go-go boots, a blazer, scarf + leg, AND arm warmers! I’m ready to get dolled up for take-off!

Except .. I’m sick with Covid so watch me rock this Gloomy Bear kigu in style ~

I’m whisping my Dr. Pepper – the drink of highly anxious yet fabulous beings –

in a pink champagne glass that dons the most elegant Egyptian lotus art.

And everyone’s looking at me like “is it her? THE Imani K Brown?! She’s so well put together for an anxious bean. Wooowwww” “she’s an introvert but have you heard her SPEAK?! She moves moutnains!”

Yes! It is and we are about to have the flight of the century if you follow my lead, kick back and enjoy!

We turn up the tunes of Leikeli47 from the ICONIC playlist and blast off –

singing, existing (deeply), and glowing up together with the loudest introvert in the room

Soothing My Inner Child, For Take-Off

Little Imani LOVES a good adventure. It’s in her –

Unknown adventures make her feel small … yet strong, powerful, and bawsy af

But like any kid, she’ll need something for the bumpy ride – to soothe her and give her space to be, well you know … a kid. So we’ll be relinquishing both my closet and the Shoppe Gal space – my own personal brand – to her as the kids’ table, the playground, and toys she can utilize to express herself whenever & however she wants.

This journey’s gonna be long. Might get tumultuous. And may feel jive discouraging sometimes.

I mean we are, after all … navigating dark matter.

But Why The Loudest Introvert in the Room?

Even while cocooned, this playground + world stage is where anything can happen for little Imani. 🌸🎀💖

And as her adult, I promise to help her access whatever tools & resources outwardly that she cannot find within herself.

I vow to be the safe space she needs when she wants to go inward.

And become more of the unapologetic voice she didn’t have long ago.

I’m an introvert. But to be her inspiration, her voice, her best version of the future self she saw so long ag.

I’ll speak up for her!

You ready? Let’s go ~

Intergallactic ICON Lookbook

Enjoy a few looks as I challenged myself to show up even though I was sick –

It’s not always about HOW your show up if you’re not in the practice of showing up.

The first step is jsut showing TF up. And me n’ the lil’ Imani person was NOT missing our first gathering of the icons. Have you ever seen shit like that?! It’s a phenomenal spectacle.

Here’s a little of my style contributions to the cohort ~

C-19 was kickin’ but our first gathering was so magical that I decided why wait til you’re better … do small stuff n’ style NAOW!

(plus we – me & lil’ Imani – hate feeling like we not overachieving, we slacking, or just watching everybody else is having fun. You know that feeling – all yah friends out living their best life on the playground n’ sh!t and you stuck inside at the whack ass nurse’s koffice …

And worst tjing is that bisch don’t even care!

Yea! That was us. So for all the selfish, overachieving reasons we legit said F8ck dis timeout. WE OUT’CHEA

‘Scuse my dirty mirror … but obviously getting up and moving was just what the doctor ordered.

Cuz by our next spectacle, I was in personal challenge mode.

Somewhere during this lil’ self appreciation photoshoot, I realized there are two very distinct faces that I make when people try to box me in, esp as a Black woman –

And I always get the “how does it feel to {insert some shit ppl think Black ppl don’t do here} with being Black?!”

It’s always a WTF lemme smack the f*ck outta you or a coi “you really don’t want me to have time today” kinda look.

For context, I’m agressive AF! I grew up fighting – literally neighborhood fights, fights to pass through other hoods, fights with my big bro’s to get me ready for the world as a gal … So I always carry a you don’t want this smoke kinda vibe.

It’s THE thing I love about me. Cuz I’m soft til you cross me. 🙆🏾‍♀️

I’m hood af, hella aggressive, and always got time today to challenge the conflicted.

Crazy thing is … I know it! 😭🤣

Thas a DOPE AF / FUCK YEA space to be in when you can embrace these things people see as negative, as your very own super power – I have a few that I have uncovered in my healing journey ~

So much so that I’m legit crying my lashes off … and THIS was waterproof y’all *bing bong*

Good news is that this ipukeGYARU ‘Gone Gal’ vibe will happen every Wednesday, at the very least ~

So be sure to sub me to follow the journey!

And just like that, just taking a small journey, starting with the sky lounge, has healed me back to health so I can get back to werk at Little INKPLAY Shop!

Golly gee, I missed my biz bb and so happy to be back!

While my run with C-19 wasn’t as bad as a lot of others, I gauarantee I would still be wallowing if I didn’t take a journey to be my own inspiration, even from bed.

Because sincerely, showing up for yourself is a commitement. And when you get in the habit of truly being there for YOU, first, you find ingenuitive ways to stay true to that.

So here are my 5 ways to become your own inspiration today.

5 Ways to Become Your Own Inspiration … And Prolly the BIGGEST!

Lis’sen … becoming your own inspiration, I love to say is the healthier side of narcissim.

Why? Because we’re often taught that if we think too much of ourselves, look at ourselves with a pride or even patting ourselves on the back for our greatness …

It’s narcisstic.

And I dunno about anyone else reading these words, but I was taught that from young, young … it’s not about you. But there’s never the conversation that it truly IS about YOU!

And what we may be sacrificing if we don’t show up to take our rightful place …

I woulda still been sick with the C word if I didn’t make my being sick & suckey about ME *ugh*

So let’s discuss how to reimagine yourself as your own dayum inspiration before signing off today. Cuz everything amazing starts with YOU!

Shoppe Gal Aesthetic LOOK BOOK

Enjoy my impromptu styling of LIPS Brand Online signature leggings

staright from the World of Shoppe Gal

And here’s something in case a hater be tryina throw shade your way – disrupting your greatness

Was That Helpful?

Dear artist if you came into 2022 wondering if you can do this. If you can thrive. Here’s a reminder that YOU CAN. ✨

And if you far from belief right now … Gurren Lagann dat bisch.

Don’t believe in you. Believe in the me who believes in YOU!

You were born great.

I know you’re ready to make 2022 your best creative year yet. 

So let’s make make that happen!

Join me for my first virtual Shoppe Talk of 2022!

The secret to bussin’ 6figures wide open was to EMBRACE my financial trauma.

And to be inspired by it –

Sounds weird, I’m sure!

I’ll be sharing my personal 4 step success formula to help you

map, market, meet and master your 2022 success goals.

I’m telling yah NOW! You won’t want to miss any of what’s about to happen to go on with Shoppe Gal Gang’s Entrepreneurship Club. So go ahead and join so you can get this werk!



Enjoy my content? 

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