Livin’ My Best UNCLONED Life: Thinking My Way to the Next Level (Affirmations Inside)

Hey Shoppe Gal fam!

Gang! Issa gossip hour right now ~

Gather round gals n’ guys cuz Audria Richmond is taking us to chu’ch this week.

In case you didn’t know, a lot of what the UNCLONED brand offers triggers all of my sensory, gomen nasai, friends!

And people often overlook how to apply her simplest shares from social media.

So thas where we gonna live for these journies – on Audria’s Instagrams, hanging out in her IG lives … all up in her business!

I’m on the backend – in group coaching and soon will actively be using her Publishing Like a Pro course to level up Shoppe Gal, The Memoir and another very special project.

BUT I digress. Let’s dig into the latest and greatest video short

Stop. Reframe. Proceed.

Before we hop to it …

Tap in and get your book bundle cuz we start reading UNCLONED LIFE next week! *woot*


This book bundle is the BEST starter pack to ignite your marketing mayhem flame as an entrepreneur! Learn what an UNCLONED life looks like, prepare for opportunities, and level up your marketing mindset with these bb’s!

The info is palatable and relatable, both professionally and personally.

It’s the perfect info bundle to deep dive into the marketing mindset to:

  • LIVE IT – Learn to lean into an UNCLONED Life
  • LOVE IT – Show your biz some TLC to get opportunity ready
  • BE RELENTLESS – Market like your life depends on it but make it … UNCLONED

Plus we can read and implement together!

Glow up and live our best Uncloned life then get together and

oohhhhh ~

We can trade notes n’ all that cool af overachieving, nerd ish ~

For now tho, let’s decompress dat last IG Live cuz Whew!

In less than 3 minutes, I walked away with 3 ways to beat imposter syndrome and was reminded of 2 important life lessons.

Here we go ~

3 Ways to Beat Imposter Syndrome

Recently, Audria shared something that resonated that hit –

her IG real talk, short but sweet, was about a recent imposter syndrome invasion.

Yes! We all know I will actively explore my own imposter syndrome through J-fashion and alternative style.

But these 3 things, we can add to our toolboxes friends, to actively reframe dat ish.

  • Remember, this is YOUR Time! – there’s no time like the present!
  • Believe That You GOT THIS – you wouldn’t be givene the vision & tools if you weren’t capable
  • Police your thoughts for negative self-talk – handle yourself with grace. you deserve all the smoke, to help you level up

It hit because it’s something we all should take time to practice. Especially us artists and anxious beans.

No, it won’t make it perfect but how you handle yourself in new moments and spaces will surely improve and self-confidence is guaranteed to grow.

2 Important Life Lessons

Two more sparks fired moments while watching Audria’s live was this:

  • the #1 financial hood rule
  • affirmations are a major key!

Let’s talk about it ~

The #1 Financial Hood Rule

The hood teaches you all sorts of things about financial literacy …

How you apply it (or not) is relative. But in this case it’ll work ~

Audria shared that her imposter syndrome started telling her that no one will buy her latest offering and people are cheap.

The latter part is 100% valid. HOWEVER, hood rules state that you don’t count yah mans’ pockets.

What that means in the business world is to not limit yourself by assuming people can’t afford what you have to offer. In real life, most people find the money for almost everything we want. And that concern is IRL a first-world problem that shouldn’t exist in your head …

Especially if you lead an UNCLONED life –

We simply ask for the sale baby! Every day, at least once a day … We ask for the sale!

Affirmations are A Major Key!

Affirmations help you reframe and reimagine when bombarded with negative self-talk. The operative word is AFFIRM!

And since we’re bout to take this UNCLONED journey together, I want to leave you with

10 Affirmations for 10 Self-Talk Occasions for:

Dreaming BIG(er)

  • I believe in my dreams. I believe in myself and all that I AM

Staying the Course

  • I am doing my best every day.


  • I love myself for who I am

Becoming Your Own Inspiration

  • I create happiness and opportunities wherever I go.

Giving Yourself Permission

  • I am in charge of how I feel, and I choose to be positive today.

Owning Your Dopeness

  • I accept 100% responsibility for my own life.


  • Everyday is a fresh start with a new beginning to make my own.

Reaching for the Light

  • The best is yet to come.

Walking in Intention

  • Everything I do, will lead me to where I need to be.

Making it plain



These weekly lives are EVERYTHING.

And if I got all of that in just 2 minutes & 22 seconds, imagine what your biggest take-a-ways will be if we read the books! WAOW ~

Next week, we’ll start reading UNCLONED Life

Audria’s first bestseller and the foundation to UNCLONED … everything mostly, but definitely to Are You Ready for the YES and UNCLONED Marketing.


And join the journey!

Cuz we bout to take the brilliance of Audria Richmond and apply it to the Little INKPLAY Shop glow up, on all levels!

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