Building Black Tattoo Anthology + Talking Tattoo Therapy N’ Gettin’ Intentional with Shoppe Gal Diaries

Hey hey gang!

And the happiest of Friday to yah ~

I know it’s been crickets here with me talking tattoo and all … I mean, I AM a tattoo artist but when you come here I’m usually talking inspo, motivation, personal development and personal branding …

that’s cuz I have been on skin AND doing the most in my business – from switching systems, to new team hires, and building Black Tattoo Anthology … ALL while sculpting out my thought leadership in self-expression for wellness. You already know that HIGH KEY includes 

Tattoo Therapy

That’s my specialty as a trauma informed tattoo life coach.

I look pretty serious, right??!

SERIOUSLY, I LOVE what I do and YES, I’m serious about that. Hands down. But beyond that I do my best to enjoy life and not take ME so serious. It’s my fountain of youth secret LOLz

Anywhoo! I’m super excited to be shifting the crickets because I really miss blogging my tattoo round-ups. But if I had to confess, I have been so scared of labeling myself a tattoo therapist because I don’t want people to get the wrong idea. 


The truth is, traditional therapy IS important. And yes, it does have a place but uhhhhhh …

But when you grow up poor you get creative with your support systems and healing modalities.

Some people self-medicate, others escape. And then there are those folks who’ll simply brace for impact. 

For me – I’ve wholly healed through tattoo and street fashion.

Overall … these safe spaces have allowed me to practice the grace with ME that the world will not. Allowing me to blossom into my most colorful, creative, artistic self here to serve and continue to help heal.

See, I grew up in the south – YES! DC is technically the south. But fr/ fr my kin is from North Carolina. And there was this thing called kitchen table healing. Where you went to see big mama and your council of aunties and uncles n’ dem.

It was a space to be vulnerable

to be expressive

to let it all out.

I won’t say there’s no judgement in that space – we’re human and we have habit AND fault. So, judgement happens (realistically). BUT ~

What I will say is that the acknowledgement …

the embracing of the pain to release it

It is the healing self-expression we need.

As I name all 6 of my facets (if you know you know), I’m reminded of what a therapist said while we were laughing about my ‘original characters

All that said, lemme introduce you to a new series


 In case you haven’t heard, Shoppe Gal Diaries now has a new segment – Inspiration Nation – to start the week! 

Cuz entrepreneurship is hard! And not for the faint at heart. And sometimes we be needing friends and reminders that we’re not alone, though it can feel lonely.

So, for me as a CEO, setting the mood is important! And I’m bringing all of y’all with me.

But you know what’s equally as important as setting intention for the week? …

It is gratitude and saying THANK YOU!

Self-reflection has always been important to me – both on and off skin; with or without my customers present.

Meet one of my fav humans and long time customer-familiy, Queen Maxine. She’s let me doodle on her for 12 years and counting ~

Us OG tattoo artists truly believe you’re only as good as your last tattoo. And I hold that to light, stretching myself to say that your intentions are only as good as your actions.

So, in addition to starting the week with intention and positivity …

We’ll also be ending the week with some gratitude by way of tattoo & self-reflection. 

Moments like those are important as an artist, you know?! It’s how we become better, stronger artists and, in my case – become a much better CEO & CCO (Chief Creative Officer) to Little INKPLAY Shop.

What to Expect

Wednesday’s and Friday’s bout to be lit here on Shoppe Gal blog, you hear me!

Wednesday, be sure to get your Inspo and personal brand nuggets.

Friday’s will be recaps of how I did/ am doing as an artist/ CEO with more updates about Black Tattoo Anthology, tattoo therapy, life coaching and what’s happening at the stu – Little INKPLAY Shop!

Wait’ll you get a load of the team

For now though, let’s peace out with some smiles and good times with my customer-family and LIPS’s UX expert and creative advisor.

Got tattoo questions? Text Me and let me know what’s on your mind.

I know you are ready to tell your UNIQUE stories on skin.

Your tattoos are clothes. That should fit you – reflecting your personal style & journey, what you have overcome and where you are headed! 

I style a lot of large-scale one-of-akind tattoo and can do the same with you.

Let’s Create Together!

You Viking with these Shoppe Gal moments? 

Let’s Stay Connected With These Next Steps

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