April Goal Setting + Looking at Q2 and My Top 3 Goal CRUSHING Tools

Hey Gang!!

Happy April! Tis the season to set all the goals, in style tho! You know me … let’s make it kawaii!

I hope you’re ready to CRUSH Q2 with me ~

If you’re wanting to truly deep dive into your goals, grab my Ultimate Goal Planning Toolkit here.

This toolkit comes with plenty swag to help you plan & prosper in 2023!

  • 2023 Virtual Planning Party Replay – 2 hours
  • 2023 Goals Synopsis Sheet Template
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Joking in email the other day, I said we prolly shoulda talked goals BEFORE the month and quarter came in. But aye! We here now and better late than never right?

So grant yah gal some grace and let’s get to some quality time over goal diggin’~

You know before we start I GOTTA give some shine to this tattoo therapy journey update.

Ya gal’s coming in HAWT af this week on the tattoo therapy tip. I JUST decompressed my fav piece as of late – a head tattoo. AND gave you all the glossary terms to learn more …

And now on to our feature presentation. LOLz It’s time for our weekly INSPO!

If you’re reading the blog … it prolly hit your eyes on. hump day. And if it’s later than the post date, then it met you where you are and you prolly need a word.

Either way, let’s tap into some dopamine, shall we ~

This week’s thought is centered around alignment through goal setting.

– First I’ll drop my Q2 + April goals

– Then give you a look at my new ICONIC laptop bag – it’s kawaii chic

– Next we’ll go through my goal setting process and top 3 tools

– Last but certainly not least, it’s YOUR TURN!

You ready? Let’s ride out.

Gone Goal Diggin’: Q2 + April Goals

I’m so excited about my biz goals y’all!

My Top 3 Q2 Goals are:

1. Deliver Customer Appreciation Week Like a BAWSE!

2. Map & Roll Out Storytime with IKB social media strategy

3. Complete my team and start mapping my first comprehensive operating budget

This month’s goals are semi heavy, but I also inserted some dopamine!!!! I’ll be going to Paris in June, right after my birthday – to keep the celebrate in true icon style. So, this month I’ll have to buy the tix and get my hotel. Notonly will it be a planning relief but BIH I’M GOING TO PARIS!

For all the inner work I have been sat down to do these past couple years …

thas a fucking V-I-B-E

Sakura Matsuri and planning customer appreciation will be grueling, tis true! I’m not even excited at the moment cuz so much workkkkk *orz*

BUT tides will shift when I see how my marketing has helped me CRUSH my monthly financial goals of 10 new consultations + 10 $1500 tattoo customers. I believe in me and simply refining past proven strategies. The thing is that I always do what feels good and natural when marketing. Unfortunately … I never took notes on what I did. *boop*

Not only did I return to kawaii journaling in hopes of Spring, more blogging and business glow ups … I even bought a new bag to feel dumb, stupid good as a CEO – even if I just want to tattoo and paint.

My ‘Kawaii Chic’ ICONIC Laptop Bag

I’m a CEO naow, egads! And self-perception is everything!

Goal digging’ ain’t for the faint at heart. And lemme tell you at the moment I am both the business AND the talent. I’m like the perfectly styled kawaii Gyaru coord and the same way I love to see my beat face when ipukeGYARU,

I want to see that BAWSE shit EVERY TIME I pass my reflection.

Cuz I mean business dammit! And these dreams ain’t gonna make themselves come tru ~

I AM the business, I am a unicorn brand, I am an ICON

So let’s look the part. So here’s my new bag and a lil’ of what’s inside ~

*Phew* I hope we’ve spent enough quality time together fam. Cuz it’s time to take action on some quality GOAL DIGGIN’

My Goal Setting Process + Top 3 Tools

First, What IS Goal Setting

I hate to insult your intelligence but some people don’t know. So let’s catch them up to goal diggin’ and why it’s important.

Goal setting is a practice that is done to manifest or make things happen in your life –

it is part of the ACTION needed to mine your dreams, like the diamonds they are.

‘Goals,’ as defined by Latham & Locke (2002, p.705) are “the object or aim of an action, for example, to attain a specific standard of proficiency, usually within a specified time limit.” They are the level of competence that we wish to achieve and create a useful lens through which we assess our current performance.

Goal setting is important for these three reasons:

  1. increases your motivation and organizational commitment
  2. encourages a search for new strategies to aid success
  3. enhances self-efficacy and self-confidence

My Goal Setting Process

For best results, don’t go goal digging’ crazy! Instead, pace yourself to grow your confidence. And activate your own if-this-then-that trigger. Let me explain ~

When you start setting goals you may not know what you’re looking for or want to achieve. So choose ONE thing you’ll need to accomplish and break it down into 3 small goals.

For example, we are gearing up for Customer Appreciation Week at Little INKPLAY Shop. It’s a MAJOR to-do for Q2 and aside from Cherry Blossom season, that IS my favorite time of year. So let’s break it down ~

Good goal diggin’ will touch three major development points – your personal + creative + financial development. These are the most important components for creating a BANKABLE lifestyle.

You can’t manifest if you don’t do the inner work, you can’t create a product without some form creativity, and you can’t build a business without some form of capital.

To identify the 3 small goals that hit all of these points, I’d first ideate what I want to get out of the experience, what type of experience I am creating and who I am creating it for, and what I want to sell.

I want to talk more about tattoo therapy and celebrate being an OG tattoo artist. I also want to celebrate and love on my customers. I am creating this for my customers (current + future), my team and for me. I want to sell more tattoos, my book, and coaching.

For the sake of time, I’ll shortcut the science of extracting goals and save that for Friday’s lesson to be dropped in the Vault.

But from this quick glance I’d deduce my goals to the following:

1. plan + create the event

2. outline the products / services

3. make a marketing strategy

All of these feel good and tangible. They are measurable and well … I need to do this ish before the end of the month so I should probably get to work! LOL

But I’ll need tools ~

My Top 3 Goal CRUSHING Tools

Ok the moment you all been reading up to … or maybe you skimmed to get here. *Kanye shrug* But here are my top 3 tools I use every month to crush goals ~


a POWERFUL visualization tool. I usually teach a special 5-D moodboard workshop. Grab the handout here, try it and hit me on Instagram to tell me how it goes! Be sure to subscribe if you’re interested in the workshop. I’m itching to host another one soon!


GREAT for ideation and project management

Google Calendar

to decompress all of your to-do’s into realistic spaces for both time and project management

To find your goal’s action items make a list of the tasks that need to be done to complete the goal. And add each step to your calendar as a task.

And viola!

Now your goals can be completed with no sweat, cuz YOU just put your whole thought process (or at least most of it) on autopilot.

Embed an If-This-Then-That

Last but not least is sometimes you will miss the mark. It happens BUT some wise human said

In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.

So in this, we’re preparing for failure … or even better a lesson, in pivoting.

If-This-Then-That is a simple automation trigger, a conditional. And you’ll want to have that in place, not because you think you’ll fail at all. But to provide a way to pivot or readjust easier without feeling defeated. Cuz that shit highly SUCKS >.<

so instead, make a plan to regroup if you miss the mark in ANY way.

Case in pont, I’m ADD AF and forget shit. My energy isn’t the same daily and sometimes it takes forever for me to jumpstart. Also procrastination is a thing. Which can cause me to fall behind, miss important dates and to-do’s and well … an event for June can very easily go wrong or not even happen in my world.

So my conditionals include ways to reset if I miss a date or to-do.

AND if the event doesn’t actualize for any reason due to unforseen circumstances, we already have other important dates on standby.

Again, not saying I’d fail or even miss the mark … A TON. But I’d rater be over prepared and not need it, than be underprepared and face the mental torture ahead. Cuz that too, SUCKS!

OK, Your Turn ~

Now you know how I manage goal diggin’ and organizing my creative thoughts into tangible to-do’s to IN REAL LIFE and time, make my wildest dreams come true, no cap.

This includes years of managing artists, managing myself, opening a business, brand building, doing commissions, being a socialite, and so much more.

So here’s what YOU are gonna do ~

If you haven’t yet, try setting some goals that you want to see happen in the next 30 days. And make a plan to EXECUTE them.

Feel free to share ’em in the comments or you know me … hit yah gal on Instagram and lemme know how it goes. Also,

Here’s a habit tracker, just for YOU to execute on all of the things and be self-accountable.

Was That Helpful?



About Shoppe Gal G.A.N.G. Created Special for Artists & Creative Misfits of the World – Neurodivergent, Struggling, Emerging & Growing

I’ve spent the last few months listening to the cries of artists from all walks of life wailing about not being able to build a sustainable art business. In fact, a lot of artists I’m surrounded by wish they could live their art & creative dreams. Instead they’re burnt out working jobs that don’t even feed their creative passions taking them farther from their dreams – all in the name of survival.

And you know what … I get it because years ago I was THAT ARTIST trying to figure out how to rinse and repeat the successes I DID have so that I could build on my own art dreams.

And the universe heard my cry so that I could make it and then in the grand gesture of each one teach one, I’m now equipped with a special set of skillsets that help me advance creatively … but in the business world.

But with that, my mask is secured and it’s now come time that I help another secure theirs – reaching back to do my part to help lift while I climb.

My goal is to help transform YOU into the creative entrepreneur powerhouse you KNOW you are, but need some help unlocking the magic within ~

It doesn’t matter if you have all the answers right now. In fact, you’re not going to have all of em at this moment – it’s a process. BUT you can START. And that’s what I want to see you do NEXT. Simply, lead with your heart and let logic follow ~

The NUMBER ONE question I’m always asked is how did I get to be so confident and authentic in my art business? Welp. Here’s my helpful answer –


I want you to be able to DIG IN – visualize your new success and what it feels like to take those forgotten creative dreams off the shelf and really start bringing them into your reality. For real for real!

Last but not least, it’s important to know that a lot overall growth spurt feels – negative self-talk, imposter syndrome, anxiety, depression, etc. – are common and you’re NOT alone. 

BUT also we’re all artists, anxious beans, and introverts. And it’s not likely that we’ll reach out to get the supporting intel from other people along their journey. We often watch from the sidelines trying to piecemeal and DIY our dreamy ideas to life. And well … that can be long, tiring, and daunting.

So, this is me being proactive, especially if you’re watching my growth and success from the sidelines trying to put it all together. Why would I give you my secrets to success? Well friend, I really do care about your success.

Aiight fam. Here’s to chasing your audacious creative dreams and showing up as the BAWSE af art entrepreneur you are ~

With love, from your intentional healing, unapologetically happy and profitably creative gal pal here to say CHASE YO’ DREAMS! It could cost your the world if you don’t. 


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