EVENT REPORT: Systems in a Day WORKShop, with Connie S. Falls

Let’s Head to Atlanta for the Systems In A Day WORKshop

Off to the A in the best gear ever – Shoppe Gal x Sweet Bitz

When I got a VERY special invite to be at Systems in a Day Workshop, NO was not an option. I was already booked with tattoos but I promptly emailed them to reschedule.

Our reschedule policies state that you can reschedule once, at least 48 hours in advance. They also state that our policies are a 2-way street and the artists have to abide by the same rules.

However, my usual practice is that when there are clients on the books, they have the right to say NO HEAUX!

Why? Because our clients book months in advance and will often bend their schedules to spend quality time getting tattooed. I respect and honor this of ALL of our clients.

But this one time … No was NOT an option.

And it’s okay because I was within policy guidelines so I promptly sent an email, booked my flight, secured my hotel and off to Atlanta.


There was a hiccup of my kitty eating something she couldn’t digest. That sent us to the vet … only days before skipping town. And the vet sent her away with meds. But that wasn’t gonna stop me either ~

I scooped her up with her playpen, her favorite toys, added her to my plane ticket as my special carry-on item and took her on her first adventure.

What is Systems In A Day WORKShop?

Before I tell you all about my experience, let me break down this transformational event in all of it’s glory.

Systems in a Day is an implementation WORKshop to help you start (or along) your journey of creating the operational systems that a company needs. It’s the HR of the business and while I always thought Human Resources was wild, I get it now. It’s not just the foundation of your business, it’s all of the processes and procedures … the how-to’s of getting shit done. And honestly a GOLD MINE for artists and creatives – we’re temperamental, want ish done the way we see it and often hate giving instruction.

Welp! That’s where a WORKshop like this comes in. And I have to continue stressing this WORK part cuz that’s what you go there to do. Don’t kill the messenger … I’m just repeating what Connie said haha

From the Website:

Before we dive into the details of what’s waiting for you, please know that this LIVE WORKshop is NOT

You see, we’re not going to hit you with motivational speech after motivational speech. 
BUT what we will do is get all up in your business (literally) and help you develop the systems and processes you need to not only run your business today but also leave a lasting legacy for the future.

During our time together, you’ll get the inside scoop on how to create revenue-boosting, growth-driving:
✓ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) 
✓ Job Descriptions
 Organizational Charts
Oh, and this is NOT some event where you’ll get a ton of strategies with zero guidance on how to apply what you learn.

Instead, this is a WORKshop – where you’ll get step-by-step advice and instruction on documenting your business processes and implementing every strategy we share.

If you’re ready to create systems for your business and enjoy the freedom to do more of what you want be sure to register TODAY! Next WORKshop is October 10 & 11 ~

Now for the goods …

Systems in a Day WORKshop Event Report

The WORKshop Was a Really Meetup

Shining bright in Shoppe Gal Apparel

I only appear social online and when you catch me talking tattoo, mostly 1:1. See I’m a high introvert who LOVES (that is no overstatement) her personal space and to be alone at least 90% of the time. But this time felt different.

So I ditched my Please Don’t Touch Me pin, by Kawaii Goods and kicked myself out of my comfort zone for the weekend.

My CEO-self hit different when she feels safe. And given the host, Connie S Falls, I already knew I was aiight. Plus I knew I could borrow her bodyguard if I needed (j/k)

Really tho, I got a roommate for the weekend – if you know me IRL then you already KNOW that’s wayyyyy outta my norm – and left my blank fort I call home behind.

A choice well made, I got to meet my internet friend, share hugs, have laughs … and the occasional CBD chocolate, which do absolutely nothing for me by the way but I LOVE chocolate for brain food ~

Like I said, meeting people offline and in real life is fun! If you have ever been to J-fashion, gaming or anime meetups where the community generally lives on line I know you get this VIBE.

And that it was. I didn’t even feel like I traveled to the A alone. It just felt like one big ol’ family reunion.

I guess William Butler Yeats was right ~

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.

3 Magical Gal CEO Transformations

Find me fangirling over my favorite humans, always!

Connie stressed that this was a systems WORKshop and we were coming to, you guessed it, WORK! But as a part of her Beta SYSTEMS course, this neurodivergent gal had everything she needs to put her policies and SOP’s into place. I even have a supportive team who helps me so that overwhelm doesn’t become my excuse to why I am paralyzed with building my tattoo empire.

Sidebar Moment

post WORKshop fun in Little 5 Points, Atl – THE land of creative misfits ^.^

I’ll take this time for a sidebar to say that neurodivergency and mental illness or learning curves as I call them cuz we not sick y’all, we’re just wired different – sometimes a little different and sometimes a lot. but we’re just different!

Anywhoo, these are not valid excuses for NOT chasing your dreams and building a business that will outlast YOU. In fact, I think neurodivergents stand a better chance, especially in today’s creative economy, of building circles around these normies.

“… And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

*sidebar end*

Back to my transformation.

I had all of the tangibles I needed to make my business foundation strong, so that I can build to the high heavens. And silly me thinking I’m coming for more tangibles.

NOPE! It was the inner work, for me.

At this conference, I got so many confirmations of being on the right track as an emerging CEO, though I didn’t really emerge tho I been here, just hiding and playing myself small. *sideeyes my dayum self*

Squeak stay sweating me to take care of business … so I have more freedom to enjoy life with her LOLz

But lemme walk you through these transformations:


I’ve spent a lifetime on my pwn character development. And believe wholly that your reputation will always precede you. I AM conscious of my social awkwardness but strive to be the same person on and offline. However, you can get a different Imani when I don’t feel safe. We van unpack all the ways that can look later. But that’s a MAJOR key for me.

I’m an I say what I mean and I mean what I say type of gal who MUST be surrounded by those f like minds, cuz trust me when I say over explaining why I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings but … *kanye shrug*

That gets old, tired and exhausting real fucking fast. *phew*

There was none of that here. I was surrounded by people who get me without even knowing me because they do their own inner work to know themselves. I felt safe, therefore I didn’t feel the need to hide my quirks, my introversion, my personal frustrations … nothing about me that makes me the human that I am was hidden. In fact it was all celebrated. Even down to the mini panic attack I had, post event.

It’s a vibe a lot of people strive for.


I am moving into a new space as a personal brand strategist. This ain’t nothing new to me, but I’ve done brand strategy on a small scale – for the tattoo shop I was raised in, myself and close friends. I’ve seen results, YES but never wanted to be responsible for helping others enjoy their own creative prowess. And yet … here we are ~

The twist though is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE systems. This is also no understatement. In fact, my A.D.D. thrives when I’m helping with personal branding but implementing systems – the tech tools – and automation. It hits different and has been my secret neediness forever now.

The problem is that while I can make tech fun and cool … I never saw an example of that and been spinning my wheels to talk me OUT of doing the thing. I was trying to put my creative intuition on pause and have my brain fill in the blanks to make sense of why it’d be incapable of doing the thing.

But then one speaker, Latrice Claiborne, got up and rocked her vibe about systems. My soul was on fire set on fire and before you know it, I was like

“yep girl!”

“love me some Kartra!”

“mmmhhmmmm that’s what I be telling’ these creatives!”

“Preach, sis”

“c’mon Software as a Service”

You woulda thought I was in church bout to catch me the holyghost. AmenT!

In that moment, I knew she was speaking life into my creative intuition. And I knew what I knew all along. Now it’s time to get in formation.

My brain didn’t make this decision. It’s one job is to put together the pieces that I really want to convey in this personal branding meets SaaS mashup.

I got to meet Latrice and thank her for just showing up and that she’s gave me so many confirmations. But the crazy thing is that she was all “OMG I heard about you. Connie talks so highly of you and how she loves you and I’d love you too …”

OK! WTF just happened there? Anywhoo … I RECEIVE IT!


So, we had to take DISC assessments. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a personality and behavior assessment. I’m always like Imani why are we like this – so I was definitely here for it.

According to my assessment (this is my 2nd time, btw) I am an extremely high D (decisive) and a moderately high I (interactive). They can be a conflict of WTF for me. But in my natural state my D reigns supreme!

I am decisive about everything that surrounds me – the company I will and will not keep, things best for me both personally + professionally and so much more.

The problem is that I always try to play that part of myself small for the comfort of others:

Maybe I’m too direct of demands that are concerning of my own self. I don’t want to be viewed as aggressive.

Because of my upbringing and having no boundaries and my own personal space, I am decisive about the things that will hands down keep me safe. Within reason that IS something that I can control and shouldn’t be ashamed of that. It’s a CEO super-power if you ask me.

I practice STRONG AF boundaries (cross them and I will claw your eyes out like the cutest koala bear) and always encourage others to do the same with me. Because you being decisive about how I should handle you, oddly makes me feel safe, less awkward socially and also teaches me how to handle you.

I appreciate when others lean into their decisiveness, no matter the root cause. And it’s high time I TRULY start appreciating my own – even if it is at an all time high of 99/100.

Authenticity Wins: Got Awarded for Being Me!

Connie tells this story all the time. And I MUST admit it feels good to be a muse in these professional spaces. But here goes ~

One day on Instagram, she asked about whether she should make Systems in a Day a course. I spoke up, thinking she’d never read my comment, sharing that it’d be helpful for people like me who aren’t in Atlanta and need the space to learn and grasp the information at their own pace.

Then I had the opportunity to meet her in Cleveland where we both spoke at the Magnetic Marketing retreat, hosted by Terdawn Deboe. She pulled me in and hugged me so hard like we’d known each other for ages.

Scroll up to that note of your reputation preceding you – she’d already known who I was from Life (her best friend who is also my speaking coach and friendtor) and Terdawn, my introvert friendtor, sister and executive business coach. Sheesh!

Anyway, I digress. When she pulled back she spotted my PleaseDon’t Touch Me pin and was extremely apologetic. To which I STILL say there are no apologies needed, cuz if I didn’t feel safe I definitely woulda dodged that thang like the Matrix. But from that moment we got to talk a bit more intimately and I just casually, jokingly bring up her needing to make Systems in a Day a course – for people like me.

Y’all, I was so nervous thinking I was habitual line stepping with ZERO f*cks to give that I think I just quoted my original Instagram comment. She wasn’t offended and we joked about it. But only weeks later, she announced her beta course and yah gal was ALL IN. Again, NO was not an option.

I KNOW what my business needs to succeed and there is no question for me when the vibe & the receipts is right! So y’all know my High D ass was like … this is a no brainer.

And welp. To y surprise, my uber special invitation was to honor me as as a muse to her actually doing her course. *I cry*

I’m Baby! And I PREFER to Sit In the Corner

Shoppe Gal for Scrambled Eggs

For the award, I was going to be called up to the stage, but again – we come full circle to my reputation preceding me. And the fact that I am a high introvert.

Connie and her team know me – in fact, they’re some of the first people I was completely unmasked and felt completely seen, around. They had already prepared my box and a label to ship my award in case I fled the scene.

Connie & Stepfanie – two loves of my life on one stage

I told you I’m also a moderately high I in the DISC assessment. And it’s a bit tricky for me, being an introvert and all. Crazy thing is it’s the ONE part of my behavior and personality that stays the same in my natural or adaptive state. So I like attention but I don’t like attention, not like that anyway.

And no matter how much I try to play myself small, I got that thang on me – my innate genius – that shines bright. It precedes me, speaks for me and is as sensational as the J-fashion I choose to wear.

For this reason, I AM baby … and I PREFER to sit in the corner.

In Closing

Systems in a Day WORKshop was an amazing experience. And I’m glad I knew in my heart of heart’s that NO was not an option. I met so many smiling faces that made my heart happy.

It felt like I’ve finally arrived – unmasked, unhinged and embracing the full breadth of my genius.

And compared to the price of the workshop, it’s pennies – a drop in a bucket to such a priceless LIFE experience.

Kind Reminders

If you feel like you don’t belong, take up space ANYWAY. Someone, somewhere needs YOU. Sometimes it’s your inner you just waiting to be unleashed, in all of its glory ~

Because I know that’s hard sometimes –

your energy being even too big for you

learning to embrace that naturally you are a VIBE

stepping into the full breadth of your purpose and owning all of YOU …

I made a community just for us – a brave space to explore your self-image, grow your business and develop YOU!



Curious to see how I’m implementing operational systems into my business with Connie’s guidance?

Head over to Shoppe Gal G.A.N.G. – the social club for creative misfits like us *wink, wink*

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