Who Cares? Do It Scared. But DO IT! It’s the Shoppe Gal Way


Hey gang! It’s that time of year again to go deep dive branding with Shoppe Gal.

And boy do we have treats in store for YOU! But let’s flashback to SGCC #001

About Shoppe Gal Capsule Collection #0O1 (SGCC #001)

Shoppe Gal’s first apparel collection was created as inspiration to bring the colorful pages of Shoppe Gal, The Memoir to life and chart a new course for my own personal branding journeys.

If you’re wondering why I needed to chart a new course, it’s because that is now Little INKPLAY Shop started as my personal brand. But has now grown into a (soon faceless) business brand.

Though it has grown, you can still explore some of my DC to Japan brand building adventures to learn more of the steps that I took to build a Japonisme tattoo brand.

Stop by my portfolio to get to know more about Shoppe Gal, The Brand.

Shoppe Gal is envisioned as a DC to Japan-inspired tattoo lifestyle brand – a living love letter to my journey to becoming Little INKPLAY Shop’s CEO.

So the book and first collection are designed in a mash up of the Japanese street fashion styles you can find me wearing almost daily.

This book brand was imagined alongside my self-publishing for self-care journey because I want people to not just look at me and say ‘I wish I could do that’ but give a solution for them to just fucking do it!

And as a kawaii-inspired tattoo lifestyle brand it’s rooted in my iconic elements of air, water & space – with all of it’s (apparel & mentorship) applications being practical, allowing space for flow and can be pushed off a cliff into the deep end of over the top, doing the most goodness.

Cuz sometimes you just gotta toot your own horn and let muthafuggas KNOW Yah know?

BTW, you can get your copy of Shoppe Gal, TODAY & receive a free copy of our annual publication , Shoppe Gal Magazine ’21 – 22 – filled with inspiration and motivation for your own self-exploration and personal brand building journeys.

We started this journey with a reminder that it’s HIGH TIME for RADICAL self-love and I mean it dammit!

And as I continue blazing my own trail, this self-empowerment brand is meant for your to ultimately embrace, love and express yourself by whatever that means to YOU, and not what we think society will find acceptable.

It’s a personal brand that carries the message the ultimate idea of freedom – DOING YOU, boo!

Building Shoppe Gal is Overwhelming … the GOOD KIND, tho!

Honestly … Shoppe Gal is A LOT to process. I created another personal brand in lieu of the graduation of ipukekawaii.Tattoo + DC to Japan morphing into Little INKPLAY Shop ~

I started this journey scared and uncertain, even tough I’ve built a successful community, have an awesome career and a studio I love. I even opened that scared (shitless)

But the more I just let things bloom, the more countless moments we have had. It’s truly more than I can process without sensory overload and I’ve shared little to none of them consistently … cuz fcuking creative OVERWHELM.

To date, not only have we done exploratory things to truly fill out the ideas that fall under Shoppe Gal’s umbrella for a complete lifestyle brand – including branding with systems and automation, apparel, and art. Check out the marketplace!

And we’ve garnered the partnership of a lifetime with R.O.E. the Agency and Indie Fashion Week DC … cuz long ago, when starting DC Kawaii Style, I said I want to more J-fashion in DC and I mean it! Not only that I’ve long envisioned building a bridge of fashion that helps ring light to how DC street fashion has quietly influenced Harajuku fashions explore the similarities and of course highlight brands and efforts from other aligned kawaii creatives.

Needless to say, for this to be my ‘no pressure’ personal brand, I have put a lot of pressure on myself.

But you know … diamonds don’t shine without. And so is the story of Shoppe Gal.

Who Cares? Do It Scared. But DO IT!

At the end of the day, you never know the possibilities of all of the ideas in your head if you don’t move on them and execute. And that’s the hardest part ~

But imposter syndrome is real. And Shoppe Gal is meant to be a brand to help you, me and everyone who comes in contact with it inspired to explore that space and just fucking DO IT SCARED!

Ideas are useless unless used. The proof of their value is in their implementation. Until then, they are in limbo.

– Theodore Levitt, Economist

That’s the beauty of a personal brand tho. You don’t have to have it all figured out and it doesn’t have to be perfect for you to get moving.

It’s your space to explore YOU and all of your genius. I mean it is called a PERSONAL brand. Duh ~

And it’s your calling card to live out loud. Cuz even if you aren’t monetizing it, you deserve to enjoy life, log that shit in your own creative way and leave a mark!

I don’t know all of the doors, opportunities, titles and professional development Shoppe Gal will lead me to and through. BUT at every turn … it’ll leave a sparkle of pink that will definitely read ‘Imani Was Here’

Now THAT … that is a vibe!

welp, that’s it for this gal’s decompression of personal branding, overwhelm and AWE!

Thanks so much for hanging out with me and look forward to supporting you on your personal brand building journey one day. Til’ then ~



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