6 Steps To Make Your Creative Dreams REALITY

Here’s 6 steps to making your creative dreams come to LIFE & making your next move your best move in art entrepreneurship

Hey Shoppe Gals n’ Guys out there!

Have you stopped to take stock of what it may be costing you to leave your most audacious creative dreams on the shelf to collect dust, never figuring out HOW TO make them come to life for your own benefit …

and even bigger for the benefit of OTHERS! (cuz this a things …)

If the answer is no or you have a dream and just not sure where to start, this one is for you ~

My Own Dream Journey

Now a lot of people will feed you crap about dreaming big, making them come true and all that jazz never actually have walked the walk … but they talking the talk. I’m gonna be clear that if we’re just meeting, that’s NOT me ~

My life and creative work – which is plastered all over the web from interviews to Pinterest pins haha – are a testament to that. I’ve been blessed to chase my dreams of wanting to be a full time artist to positioning myself (& the shop I come from in Japan) and now stepping into my lil’ artists CEO shoes (they not that little tho *eek!*)

And no lie – I want to see more artists and creatives make it. And REALLY dig into dreaming audaciously and chasing them unapologetically, shattering myths and limiting beliefs of being a starving artist or a victim of capitalism and how artists’ lack of business is preyed upon.

I want to see more artists get into they’re bag as I dig deeper into mine.

And if you ever want to know MY STORY, I got’chu! Grab my memoir here.

Now about these 6 steps and what I have that can help you get your start, grow your confidence and get on with the art of business.

The Sad Truth About Dreaming Big

So here’s some reasons for yah of the sad truth of why people don’t chase their creative dreams. In fact – it’s 15 reasons. Here goes.

  • They fear being judged by those they care about for failing.
  • They give others the power to influence their decisions.
  • They fail once–and never try again.
  • They only see the failure, not the lesson. 
  • They don’t learn how to discipline themselves.
  • They care more about the end result, not the process. 
  • They don’t believe in themselves. 
  • They surround themselves with people who are a negative influence.
  • They decide that people won’t understand their dream–and give up.
  • They’d rather be misunderstood than wrong.
  • They don’t have a guaranteed path to achieve success. 
  • They would rather settle for short-term rewards.
  • They refuse to pivot and adjust.
  • They get bored.
  • They lose belief in themselves.

Don’t Let This Be You & Your Creative Dreams

IF this is you and you’re struggling with the HOW TO of making your dreams reality, there’s help! Because all of these things have one MAJOR thing in common.


So how do you shift that to get to the act of it all? Here those 6 steps I told you about:

1. Find Your North Star

Your North Star is getting to the ROOT, the NITTY GRITTY of your creative dream. Some people call it your ‘WHY’ Having that in the front of your brain makes it a bit easier to keep going when any of those 15 things above start to take their toll on you.

2. Say YES (or No) To Your Dream

If art entrepreneurship is like a marriage – for better or worse, richer or poor and all that. Then choosing to chase your creative dreams is like the engagement. The universe is saying …

“will you align with me audaciously creative one

And you’ll have to say YES. At least I hope you say yes – before the universe slips a cosmic ring on your finger for you to be tested, tried and weighed. You’ve already been found worthy so all you have to prove is that you’ll throw caution to the wind, trust the journey and flex your follow-thru.

3. Make a Plan

This is where a lot of artists and creatives fall flat – we’ll make a strategy all day. And if you don’t know the difference, the strategy is the direction or the big picture goal. But how you got’ get there slim? That’s where your PLAN – action steps and implementation come in.

4. Build Your Toolkit

Listen fam! Imposter syndrome is REAL! And every new space you enter, it’s GONNA creep in. But we crush and silence those with FACTS and HARD PROOF -aka- receipts. So what you’re gonna do is take time to gather positive reinforcement for every possible imposter type, negative self-talk and doubt that can possibly creep in.

Now, let’s be real you’re not gonna hit every cobweb. Some will come up along the way. But you’ll have this rinse and repeat strategy to kill that noise every time.

Gather Your Tribe

Everybody is NOT meant to come along on this journey. Some people won’t believe in your dreams and that is a-ok! BUT it’s not for you to internalize or shoulder. Become OK with the fact that you’ll have to let go of some old baggage – that can be in the form of habits or in this case people.

You ARE the company you keep. So you can’t realistically walk into entrepreneurship with a tribe where 95% of the people are into worker bee or employee mindset. Believe me … I’ve tried.

If you listen to Gucci, Nipsey or any money mindset music bops (here lemme help you out with the Shoppe Gal playlist) you’ll here a lot of references of NOT hanging around broke people, lots of counting pockets and setting the bar for what your circle should look like. I call these hood rules. And even when your growing gradually, hood rules dictate that your circle exemplify AND amplify what you’re about.

In short … if you about f*ck nicca sh!t, you’ll probably be running with a lot of grimy, scavenger-a$$ f*ck niccas. And I’ll pause to say as much as this is glorified in media these days … THIS is NOT what you want. Trust.

And before you ask … Yes I been there too !

Get serious about your dreams. Gather these steps and do what you gotta do boo ❤



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Ok. Til next time

Ja, ne ~


About Shoppe Gal G.A.N.G. Created Special for Artists & Creative Misfits of the World – Neurodivergent, Struggling, Emerging & Growing

I’ve spent the last few months listening to the cries of artists from all walks of life wailing about not being able to build a sustainable art business. In fact, a lot of artists I’m surrounded by wish they could live their art & creative dreams. Instead they’re burnt out working jobs that don’t even feed their creative passions taking them farther from their dreams – all in the name of survival.

And you know what … I get it because years ago I was THAT ARTIST trying to figure out how to rinse and repeat the successes I DID have so that I could build on my own art dreams.

And the universe heard my cry so that I could make it and then in the grand gesture of each one teach one, I’m now equipped with a special set of skillsets that help me advance creatively … but in the business world.

But with that, my mask is secured and it’s now come time that I help another secure theirs – reaching back to do my part to help lift while I climb.

My goal is to help transform YOU into the creative entrepreneur powerhouse you KNOW you are, but need some help unlocking the magic within ~

It doesn’t matter if you have all the answers right now. In fact, you’re not going to have all of em at this moment – it’s a process. BUT you can START. And that’s what I want to see you do NEXT. Simply, lead with your heart and let logic follow ~

The NUMBER ONE question I’m always asked is how did I get to be so confident and authentic in my art business? Welp. Here’s my helpful answer –


I want you to be able to DIG IN – visualize your new success and what it feels like to take those forgotten creative dreams off the shelf and really start bringing them into your reality. For real for real!

Last but not least, it’s important to know that a lot overall growth spurt feels – negative self-talk, imposter syndrome, anxiety, depression, etc. – are common and you’re NOT alone.

BUT also we’re all artists, anxious beans, and introverts. And it’s not likely that we’ll reach out to get the supporting intel from other people along their journey. We often watch from the sidelines trying to piecemeal and DIY our dreamy ideas to life. And well … that can be long, tiring, and daunting.

So, this is me being proactive, especially if you’re watching my growth and success from the sidelines trying to put it all together. Why would I give you my secrets to success? Well friend, I really do care about your success.

Aiight fam. Here’s to chasing your audacious creative dreams and showing up as the BAWSE af art entrepreneur you are ~

With love, from your intentional healing, unapologetically happy and profitably creative gal pal here to say CHASE YO’ DREAMS! It could cost your the world if you don’t.


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