Take a Self-Exploration Journey to Build Your Personal Brand AND Grow Your Confidence

Hey Gang!!

Before we even hit a lick … did you see last week’s first tattoo update?

I’m jive proud of myself for starting to get this all out. I even made sure you can read from the tattoo or fashion category – no need to overcomplicate things for us, right?

Now that you know I’m patting myself on the back and finally popping the top to talk Tattoo therapy – Let’s dig into some inspo and brand tips, yeah?!


I’m so shy to talk my shit that I really just need to jump off the cliff with no safety net and real live talk my shit to build my confidence. Who gon’ check me?

Confidence is Key!

Last week was eventful as my off week from tattoo.

It’s the time I use to groom my business, prepare my home and rest my body to get ready to welcome the new season and journey ahead in my professional career.

These things are important for me to practice as a conscious CEO. Because I want my team to be confident in their spaces the same way I seek to be confident in my own spaces.

We all wear multiple hats at the moment – I’m the CEO / CCO / CMO / Talent all-in-one while my business partner is COO / OBM / Personal Assistant.

So needless to say … morale is KEY!

We all have to be confident in the spaces we command, in the asks we bring to the table and the final decisions we make on behalf of Little INKPLAY Shop

And sometimes, admittedly … that can be a struggle for me depending on the day and activity as a Bipo/ ADD gal at the very core of it all. So I know first hand that when entering new spaces, challenging & stretching yourself and processing HUGE growth spurts blog the way …

CHILE! depending on the activity and the day confidence will definitely experience ebbs and flows.

The ol’ saying goes “The only thing constant is change” And they ain’t nevah lied *oof*

Managing The Confidence Waves

Getting and growing self-confidence is a life project – ongoing, never-ending personal development at it’s best. And a personal brand is the best safe-space to live out loud, take up space and just explore YOU.

So let’s take a personal brand lesson straight from Shoppe Gal, The Memoir ~

First off, your personal brand is a safe-space. YOUR safe space to PROJECT the mood, vibe and ultimate YOU that you want the world to know.

For me, my space, my brand, my everything must be a VIBE. It must reflect my mood of happiness, lust for living and exude an erratic sense of curiosity only birthed through creativity. It also shares in the reverse, how creating calms the curious mind.

Here, in the Shoppe Gal ethos aesthetics matter and Spring is the official start of the new year. So I did my personal brand ritual and check in:

First I had a conversation with myself. A self-checkin about who I am and where I am currently.

Please don’t make me run all my titles back, just scroll up friend ❤

Next, I gave myself permission o fucking BE. Just exist in my pure ICONIC water & air elements.

I’m a perfectionist – and no, NOT recovering. IT’s a part of me … so deal with it haha

BUT giving yourself permission to gift myself the power of choice, taking a chance to bet on ME, and to be imperfect.

Lastly, I do my best to take moments for self-exploration, doing something different and recording the outcome. 

You’ll often find me exploring myself through art – tattoos for the people & painting/ illustration for yah gal! Or creating environments that make me happy.

Here’s a clash of in (home) & out (street) moments with Shoppe Gal ~

On this me vs. me journey, I STAY photographing everything to better see and understand how I process the world’s information around me. And often challenging myself to bigger than usual risk – that generally centers around unmasking vulnerabilities for me. And often leads to magical things like partnerships with Indie Fashion Week.

Also … a wise person once said you can’t expect change and a different outcome from doing the same ol’ thang *kanye shrug*

Shop The Blog

Every post here is laced with looks that help you feel good, keep goals top of mind and emote in only the ways YOU can. So let’s pause for the cause and drop links to EVERYTHING you can buy from this blog, right now!

Shoppe Gal, The Memoir / Shoppe Gal Unisex Sweatshirt / Shoppe Gal ‘Dat Drip’ Skater Skirt / Shoppe Gal ‘Dat Drip’ Bomber Jacket / Shoppe Gal Polkadot Leggings / Uncloned Brand Keychains


Head over to the Shoppe Gal Diaries Vault to get THIS self-exploration exercise.

It’s a great tool for personal development, building confidence and exercising that self-confidence muscle.

Best thing is there is NO right or wrong, just you vs. YOU and you don’t even have to be building a personal brand to do it. But I challenge you to make this the basis for your personal brand and here’s why ~

Do you think a person needs to have a passion for their personal brand? I’m at a point in my career where I could go a lot of different ways but don’t feel drawn to one particular outcome over the other. Is that something you can relate to or have any insight on? 

 A personal brand is a resume / calling card, diary and safe space all in one. And puts your creative intelligence on front street – even if you are legit just figuring it all out.

You don’t have to have Passo for your personal brand. In fact it’s a tool to help you FIND your passion(s) and flip that into purpose. But you have to start somewhere.

And that start should be in being passionate about your personal development and the legacy you want to work at leaving behind – my legacy lies in happiness & self-expression.

What would you want to be remembered for or project into the world? That is personal branding and it’s only a tool as an extension of your self-discoveries but …

It all starts with YOU.

Y’all, I finally got my new laptop all situated (PS In case you need a good reason to sub me, I share BTS lifestyle content in my emails) I decided to get a new laptop bag.

Was That Helpful?

If you think you can’t do this. If you think you can’t chase your passions to purpose and thrive. Here’s a reminder that YOU CAN. ✨

And I know you’re ready to make 2023 your best creative year yet. 

So let’s make make that happen!



Want so quality Shoppe Gal BTS inspo & motivation to build your brand?

Head over to Shoppe Gal G.A.N.G. – the social club for creative misfits like us *wink, wink*


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Ok. Til next time

Ja, ne ~


About Shoppe Gal G.A.N.G. Created Special for Artists & Creative Misfits of the World – Neurodivergent, Struggling, Emerging & Growing

I’ve spent the last few months listening to the cries of artists from all walks of life wailing about not being able to build a sustainable art business. In fact, a lot of artists I’m surrounded by wish they could live their art & creative dreams. Instead they’re burnt out working jobs that don’t even feed their creative passions taking them farther from their dreams – all in the name of survival.

And you know what … I get it because years ago I was THAT ARTIST trying to figure out how to rinse and repeat the successes I DID have so that I could build on my own art dreams.

And the universe heard my cry so that I could make it and then in the grand gesture of each one teach one, I’m now equipped with a special set of skillsets that help me advance creatively … but in the business world.

But with that, my mask is secured and it’s now come time that I help another secure theirs – reaching back to do my part to help lift while I climb.

My goal is to help transform YOU into the creative entrepreneur powerhouse you KNOW you are, but need some help unlocking the magic within ~

It doesn’t matter if you have all the answers right now. In fact, you’re not going to have all of em at this moment – it’s a process. BUT you can START. And that’s what I want to see you do NEXT. Simply, lead with your heart and let logic follow ~

The NUMBER ONE question I’m always asked is how did I get to be so confident and authentic in my art business? Welp. Here’s my helpful answer –


I want you to be able to DIG IN – visualize your new success and what it feels like to take those forgotten creative dreams off the shelf and really start bringing them into your reality. For real for real!

Last but not least, it’s important to know that a lot overall growth spurt feels – negative self-talk, imposter syndrome, anxiety, depression, etc. – are common and you’re NOT alone. 

BUT also we’re all artists, anxious beans, and introverts. And it’s not likely that we’ll reach out to get the supporting intel from other people along their journey. We often watch from the sidelines trying to piecemeal and DIY our dreamy ideas to life. And well … that can be long, tiring, and daunting.

So, this is me being proactive, especially if you’re watching my growth and success from the sidelines trying to put it all together. Why would I give you my secrets to success? Well friend, I really do care about your success.

Aiight fam. Here’s to chasing your audacious creative dreams and showing up as the BAWSE af art entrepreneur you are ~

With love, from your intentional healing, unapologetically happy and profitably creative gal pal here to say CHASE YO’ DREAMS! It could cost your the world if you don’t. 


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