Ink & Release™


Ink & Release™ is is a pop-up tattoo x life coaching brand,

founded by master tattoo artist, Imani K Brown, focused on tattoo for long-tern wellness!

Q: But What Is Tattoo Therapy?

A: It’s When Tattoos Help You Feel Better

Tattoos are so much more than tattoo when you understand that it’s the apex of a culmination of events.

It’s your extravagant my friends went (insert random place) and all I got was this lousy t-shirt souvenir.

Except it’s far from lousy!

In fact those gifts don’t even make you feel better …

But a tattoo will.

And contrary to popular belief, a tattoo is the gift that keeps on giving. When you give meaning to your tattoo, no matter the design, you create life into YOU, helping you soothe psychological wounds or emotional shocks.

Tattoos also help the wearer assert themselves in reclaiming their body after an accident or illness.

Most important is that tattoos help individuals gain and grow self-confidence, and help us overcome our complexes.

However, getting a tattoo from just anyone is not ok! There are so many tattoo artists who couldn’t care less about your physical or psychological wounds, and this can lead to a very bad experience.

Get Ready for the 2023 Immersive Tattoo Therapy Brand Saga

  • BOOK A PRIVATE TATTOO SESSION – Private tattoo therapy session + client/ artist dinner with Imani K Brown at home or on the road
  • ATTEND A PUBLIC TATTOO MIXER IN YOUR CITY – Public tattoo reveal + client/ artist discussion about darkskin tattoos
  • JOIN US FOR VIP INTIMATE BRUNCH + CONVO IN YOUR TOWN – An intimate afternoon with esteemed guests to deep dive into tattoo therapy


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