Little INKPLAY Shop

A Lil’ About IP Brand Ink & Art Creative House, LLC

-the mighty & magical vision-

I P Brand Ink & Art Creative House, LLC is a black-owned, woman-owned tattoo lifestyle brand focusing on traditional tattoo, Avante-Garde artist development, and thought-leadership integration. 

Our team’s grand vision is to become the most prolific Black tattoo lifestyle brand agency worldwide.

Doing Business As Little INKPLAY Shop®

-the mission is solid-

We dedicate ourselves to helping individuals, artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs experience less confusion, frustration, and intimidation about tattoos. 

Once achieved, they become empowered to reach their self-image goal with confidence and authenticity while simultaneously manifesting their dream lifestyle for making a lasting mark on the world. 

After establishing the business in 2016, IP Brand Ink & Art Creative House (with their team of 6, led by the 2nd most prominent Black female tattoo artist in the US) accomplished many FIRSTS in the community, including owning DC’s premier Japanese street fashion community curated for wellness through fashion, the first prominent Black woman to self-curate a study abroad program to allow her to learn traditional Japanese tattoos and the only Black female currently found tattooing in Japan, and one of the only Black tattoo artists using technology to advance our practice and protect our history and art for generations to come.​​​​​​​

Our Journey Objectives

For over 400 years, we have witnessed our colonized Black History and culture stripped and rewritten. 

Through art and technology, our vision is to create a new safe space & experience for our people and protect our history and stories. 

Bringing our ideas to light means addressing the historical erasure of Black artists and Black tattoo culture from the creative community.

We envision curating a new Black tattoo experience – one where pioneers, matriarchs, and professional artists craft an outline of the historical milestones, movements, and contributions through artistry with the tattoo industry, allowing aspirants and other young artists (inspired by the crafting and healing modality) a way to see their future selves and possibilities. 

This anthropological experience empowers our community and industry to combine tattoo and technology with history, art, culture, creativity, innovation, and empowerment – a monumental shift our community and industry deserve.

Shoppe Gal, The Brand

-Imani’s personal touch-

SG is a movement built to see you through embracing and stepping into your creative purpose for Individuality. Intention. Impact. 

This new personal brand experience was birthed from my author debut work, Shoppe Gal, The Memoir. ​​​​​​​

And My Method, Y.U.M.E.

-we’re all methodically mad around here-

My ‘dream create’ method is a life-changing, transformative 4-step tattoo life coaching framework that I have used for over 15 years of my career to help customers move their creative dreams to reality.

I say … it’s all branding & marketing.

So brand + market YOU accordingly. 

– say yes! YIELD to your dreams

– outline clear UNEQUIVOCAL audacious goals

-map your MARKETING mayhem (yes, this applies to tattoo … TOO!)

-work to EXECUTE the plan

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