What My Story IS

🌸🎀💖What comes timing when you think SELF MADE? literally from mindset to money, I have had to become a huge pile o’ bricks being torn down so that the ancestors could build me back up. Becoming self-made meant taking the leap to discover, embrace and wholly surrender to my purpose. It didn’t seem like it then, but I landed right where I needed to be for dream chasing.

Hiding in Plain Sight

🌸🎀💖Truth is when I started on my sensational kawaii journey – discovering my personal style and building a community (hi DC Kawaii Style®), I NEVER ever ever in a million years thought I’d be mastering my SELF. Kawaii is the light and J-fashion is my rocket ship. You can’t dream up journeys like this … just gotta lead with your heart and let logic follow.

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What My Story Is NOT

🌸🎀💖 There’s far more magic to the Black experience that grows from our trauma. And the world HATES it. They’d rather see trauma porn … So let’s start by pointing out what you won’t get from me. Because sometimes the best way to shape unknown spaces (like Shoppe Gal Gang 😅) is by defining what we don’t want to do or be. So we’ll start there.